Car Care

If Congdon Auto Center was a car, then our service center would be the engine. It is our driving force. We have three technicians with combined decades of experience who work in a spacious five bay shop focusing on both American and Asian vehicles. 508-543-5410

Oilzum oil since 1928

Oilzum oil since 1928



Repairs and maintenance we focus on include brakes, batteries, tires, exhaust, suspension, steering, check engine light repairs, and of course oil changes. We stock the same golden Oilzum oil that we have for 90 years now, with full synthetic oil being available as well. There are a select few services that we do not do in house, but can sublet out for our customers’ convenience which include alignments, detailing, and remote starter installation.

the insides


Pictured here is our open floor waiting area. Free WIFI and coffee are available for anyone who wishes to wait while a service is done.


And remember..don’t be afraid to ask us for a ride. We’d be more than happy to drop you off in the morning and pick you up upon completion of your service.